• Wheel of Life

    Wheel of Life!

    The Wheel of Life was not just a hard rock climb nor was it just a big number, for me the Wheel of Life was an experience. It took me from one side of the world and back again. When I got on to my flight leaving LA I had no clue I would send such a majestic piece of rock. Climbing for me hasn’t been about how hard or how bad ass, but for me climbing has been an addiction and a passion. My motivation was created from the beauty, the people and the movement that climbing encompasses. A mind game mixed up with strength, muscle resistance, power, and an un-relentless battle with your body.

    On my first trip to Australia I had the chance to watch James Kassay work the Wheel of Life. This was my first taste of the Wheel and one of many days spent at the Hollow Mt. Cave. James’s effort was inspiring to watch and he successfully climbed the Wheel during that trip. He worked this climb for ten years which seems like a massive epic, but it shows dedication that many people could never understand.

    To be honest I felt confident on my second trip to Australia because I knew I had improved as a climber and as a person. Dave, Nalle, and I wasted no time and started working the Wheel as soon as we got to Australia. Each of us made good links on the boulder after only a few days of effort, which gave me the confidence I needed to top out the Wheel. It was not until Dave and I spent a day working the last section of the boulder when we unlock a system that made the moves more about resistance and less about power. I want to say that Dave Graham was a massive help to me when I was working the sections of the boulder. We spent hours together climbing and critiquing the movement so that the final product was as efficient as possible. Those days were the most memorable and I will never forget how much fun we had in the process.

    When I sent the Wheel of Life it was one of those days when you go climbing with your friends, you try hard, have fun, and don’t put any pressure on yourself. The energy that day is something that I wish I could recreate every climbing day. June 17, 2012 is one for the record books and for me a personal best day of climbing. When I think I can’t do something I will always think of that day and the way I felt before I sent and after.

    Special thanks to: Jes, Remi, Dave, Nalle, Dad, Eddie

    Ian Dory

    Quote :“No Fear Just Climbing” Trainer J. Wildmen

    About me
    I have been climbing most of my life from the day I was born I have been traversing out of my crib to climbing the up the chimney of our home. So, climbing to me, has always just defined me. I have to thank and give credit to my dad for introducing and teaching me about this sport and taking me to the local gym in Fort Collins, Inner strength Rock Gym. Because of him I was able to pursue my passion and when my brother got his driver licenses he started taking me to Rifle, the Poudre Canyon and places in Utah.
    I have spent a lot of time the last few years climbing with my brother, James Hickey, Josh Mitchell, Matty Hong and more recently Dave Graham, Jon Cardwell, Andre Di Felice and more amazing climbers whom all are great people that bring lots of psyched energy for the sport. Motivation is what drives me, passion is what makes me and sending is what I live for!

    I have been pushing myself hard to continue bouldering v14 and will continue to pull for the most beautiful climbs I can find as well as cleaning and developing amazing lines. I also want to one day stick my first v15… someday soon.
    Personal projects I have include this amazing roof called Flux for Life at Endo Valley along with many other boulder problems located there.
    On a rope my goals consist of climbs at Rifle such as Lung fisher, Plant X, and Living in Fear. I also have a few projects at the Poudre including what my dad calls “The Ian Dory Project”…
    I am also looking to bolt my very own sport line in Australia with Dave.
    One of my biggest goals in the upcoming years as a climber is to win a World Cup, and continue making the US Bouldering Team.
    Nutrition focus and training at Summit Strength with my trainer Brad Jackson to become the best climber I can be from the rock to the competitions has been a vital key lately. I want to become the best that I know I can be as an athlete.

    Besides climbing & training I work for my dad on the farm, something I have grown to very much enjoy. I also enjoy music; I play the drums and piano when I have free time. But all in all, my interests involve the outdoors, rocks, developing, and as you know… climbing.

    Something From the Farm, Five Ten, Verve, Flashed, Petzl, & Deuter

    Favorite Climbing Area:
    Joes Valley in UT, a place where matter what happens its’ always a good time! The rock is some of the most beautiful I have seen in the states plus, there aren’t many restrictions, you can shoot guns if you want, and there is still so much developing potential, it just needs a little vision…

    Favorite Climbs:
    Fed in the A (5.14b) Ten Sleep, WY
    Red Tag (V10) Hueco, Texas
    Mask of God (V13) Joes Valley, UT
    Omaha Beach (5.14a) Red River Gorge, Kentucky

    Favorite Movie
    Despicable Me

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  1. August 27, 2012 at 3:52 am

    Nice work Ian, impressive! Keep it up.

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