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  • 2012 Hit List – The Year in Review

    Well, another year has come and gone, which means another Hit List has drawn to a close. This was the second time I’ve put my year-long goals out there in cyber space (for 2011 Hit List click here), and once again, it was a wild ride, with plenty of bumps (and bruises) along the way! After an unexpected injury started the year off on the “wrong foot” (sorry, couldn’t help myself…), I found a lot of my mental battles this year revolved around fear. Fear in trusting my ankle again, fear in getting my lead head back, along with an unexpected one that kept creeping up – fear of failure. I mentioned it in a previous post, but I learned Read More

  • Three Punch Combo

    Now, let’s be honest. I am NOT the only one that has fallen off the wagon with my good intentioned plans, training or otherwise. For this winter, I have planned a quite structured training program. But for the past 2 weeks, I have fallen behind and ad libbed (dictionary: v.intr. – to engage in improvisation) ad nauseam (dictionary: adv. – to a disgusting or ridiculous degree). In this instance, the anecdote is climbing related. But guess what … this is Life! Success Principles are Universal!!! Whether its business, relationships, health, or any number of real world categories, there will always be instances where we fall short of even our own expectations of ourselves. It is our perspective and response to Read More

  • The Holidays Are Here!

    It’s Christmas Eve and its cold all over the east.  Yesterday Joy and I made our way  to Cook’s Wall for me to attempt my redpoint of “The Theater Of Pain”. I have been training overtime lately with a series of weighted hangs, endurance workouts, and boulder problems to prepare for the send. I was pretty sure yesterday was the day it would go down until we finally reached the cliff line… My hands were numb  from the 45 minute hike into the cook book. I tried to keep up motivation, flaked the rope, threw the old harness on, and struggled to get my fingers to work enough to force my feet into my shoes.  It was miserable from go, by the Read More

  • Kick Off -10.01.12

    This weekend I finally made it out to Rumbling Bald for my first outdoor climbing experience! I went up there with Katie, two of our climbing buddies Josh & Shannon, and Brian, a friend of ours from the gym who also acted as our guide. We were very concerned with the weather condition for the day since the forecast was calling for rain. Luckily, we decided to chance it, and all of the boulders were dry! There was the occasional puddle and the constant concern for keeping mud off of our rock shoes, but it turned out to be a very successful day. We only stayed up for about 3 hours, but everyone got to send something cool. The highlight of my day Read More

  • Birthday Challenge, Part 3, The Big Day

    My favorite thing about climbing is that if you try hard enough you can always be a champion. It doesn’t matter if you are the best, it matters how it feels. The Birthday Challenge is a concept passed from climber-to-climber, and I was first introduced to it by my good friend Shaun Matusewicz, at the age of 25. The format is simple, climb as many routes as the age you are turning. Nine years later I finally completed my first true climbing Birthday Challenge at 34 years young. I’ve always been psyched on the concept, but my birthday is in December, a month when rock climbing and weather don’t always align. Last spring, while climbing with a relatively new, but Read More

  • A Perspective From the Rim

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    A few weekends ago my girlfriend Sara and I went up to see our friends at the New River Gorge.  I must say it one of the best climbing weekends I’ve ever had.  I didn’t send anything hard nor did I climb a ton of routes.  It was simply the people who made the climbing trip so spectacular.  The temps were perfect and we were psyched.  We went to Beauty Mountain the first day and climbs some routes on the Brain, then went over to Burning Calves which is quite possibly one of the best 5.10 trad routes in the world (maybe I’m a bit bias).  Next day we crewed up and went to Endless Wall.  We had a full day

  • The Traditional Mindset

    Commitment, patience, and consequence are all crucial parts of the  many elements required from a climber. From the beginning of your journey into this life changing world it is imperative  to accept  that climbing is inherently dangerous and is in its simplest form a series of calculated risks with a very formulated outcome. Traditional climbing and ideas are becoming less practiced in today’s methods. Having to build a gear anchor and belay your second up to you and then scramble down a gully to get back to the base of the cliff is just how things are done sometimes. I find appeal in this because its how the climbs are done, always been done, and keeping an area as pure in nature to its true from Read More

  • “The Plan” Version Beta ( Day 2 )

    *Long exhale*… Alright let me just start by establishing that this post will read a little different than what I anticipate most too.  I had to think long and hard about what I was going to say and include when writing this. I am going to leave locations and some names out to protect areas and people. This is only being done to keep unfinished routes from having FA’s ( first accents ) stolen, or people climbing in finished routes. Trying to keep the pump down on “Spiritual Warfare” 5.12 I awoke at Sean Barbs house early Sunday morning to coffee and pancakes, once again I can’t stress how crucial coffee is to my climbing performance. “The Plan” was to go to Read More

  • “The Plan”

    The Plan” was to go to cooks wall with a partner Saturday and work on a project ” The theater of pain ” 5.13B. Then link up with Sean Barb on Sunday and do some maintenance around the crag to include cutting down a fixed rope and trying a new line of an unknown grade. After having my partner cancel  at 12:15 a.m. the morning of I could not help but rolling around awake in bed for about an hour pondering what to do. After getting up, working on my blog and eating some greek yogurt I finally fell asleep around 3 a.m. Waking up at 6:50 a.m. after going to bed at 3 is about as much fun as it Read More