Thanks for your interest in blogging with Cruxn.com. To get started, take a look at some common questions below. Of course if there’s something we missed here, feel free to contact us.

1. Who can blog on Cruxn.com?

Any motivated climbing blogger with interesting stories, pictures, videos, and opinions to share. Whether you live in the Southeast or the Northwest or someplace above, below, or in between, if you’re psyched on rock climbing and writing about it, you’re welcome to join the Cruxn.com community. We are currently accepting authors who have 1) an existing climbing blog or climbing-related website (like a climbing photography site) or 2) received a direct invite from a Cruxn administrator.

2. Do I have to leave my own blog?

No, you can keep your original blog if you want to. In fact, it’s easy to copy and paste posts from your blog to Cruxn.com, so you don’t have to write and format the same post twice. Some people may want to start posting everything from their blog to Cruxn, while others may just want to post a few select articles every now and then. We’re cool with whatever you decide to do–this site is all about generating a larger, centralized audience for climbing bloggers.

Please note that we don’t want you to bring over all of the past posts from your blog to Cruxn (what a giant pain in arse that would be!). When you start blogging for Cruxn, you can start posting your latest content. However, please feel free to bring over a few popular or exciting posts from years past that you think Cruxn readers would enjoy. Using an old post is actually a great way to get your first Cruxn.com blog post up and running.

3. What are the benefits of blogging on Cruxn.com?

If you already have a blog, the benefit of posting to Cruxn.com is that you’ll get a bigger audience, new readers, and be a part of a like-minded community of bloggers. You’ll have a profile section on Cruxn.com where you can link back to your blog (see an example here), thus increasing awareness for your blog that translates into more traffic.

If you get a Cruxn admin invite to blog on the site, and don’t have a climbing blog yet but have interesting stories to share, you get a built-in audience from day one by blogging on Cruxn.com.

We think one of the best things about blogging at Cruxn.com is that even if you just post once a month, the audience will be here waiting. Gone are the days of stressing about posting all the time to keep your audience engaged. Because many climbers contribute to this site, it always stays fresh–even when you’re too busy to blog for a week or two.

4. Will we get paid to post?

We wish we could all get paid for writing about climbing, taking great pictures, or making high-quality vids, but we all just do it for the love (and fame).

5. How often do I have to post?

You can post as much or as little as you like–whether it’s 3-4 times a week or once a month. Because content will be constantly kept fresh by a group of bloggers, the audience will be here, ready to read when you post.

6. Are there any rules for what we can post?

There are no hard and fast rules about what’s okay and what’s not–all Cruxn.com bloggers should feel a sense of ownership for the site, and a freedom to tell their story the way they want to. Of course, everyone has different opinions about what’s good, bad, of questionable tastes and value, etc. But there is also a pretty universal baseline for what’s considered acceptable that most sane people understand (i.e., no porn, religious or ethnic hating, general douchebaggery, etc.). If everyone sticks to this universal baseline, we might disagree at times about the quality of a post, but in general we’ll be fine. The bottom line is our wide variety of perspectives and experiences give Cruxn.com its value. Just use common sense, folks!

7. How do I get started?

The first step is to message Cruxn.com through the Contact Form in the menu bar above. When you email us, please include the following basic items: your name, email, blog or website and Vimeo account (if you have one). If you don’t already have a blog or website, you’ll need to receive an invite from a Cruxn admin. After you contact us, you’ll get an invite e-mail that will give you author status on the site. You can upload your profile pic, fill in your profile info, and get blogging (and don’t worry, we send beta on how to do those things if you don’t already know how).

8. Is Cruxn just for climbers in the Southeast?

No. It might seem like we have a Southeastern focus because that’s where we’re from, where we (mostly) climb, and where a lot of our blogging friends are. But we didn’t set out to specifically represent the Southeast or any region in particular–our goal is to provide a single platform for climbing bloggers to share their stories and perspectives on climbing from wherever they are. So we encourage climbing bloggers from all parts of the US (or even abroad) to join Cruxn.com.