• Do the Summit Dance

    A little celebratory dance on top of East Huey Spire.

    Do you ever feel like doing a little dance once you’ve reached the top of a climb? Here’s a Jim Toman photo of me and Ehrin doing a jubilant victory dance on top of East Huey Spire, in Canada’s Cirque of the Unclimbables. We three straight-outta-Morganton adventurers climbed this spire via a new, cutting edge 5.8+ route. Jim had expertly scoped the potential line on a reconnaissance hike. It turned out to be quite fun, offering good climbing, fantastic exposure, and an exciting summit mantel. But poor Jim: he had to endure the trials of basecamping with a couple. He survived though, and has since gone on to do greater alpine things, including a recent new route in Patagonia. Nice work Jim! I hope you got a summit dance in.

    Zachary Lesch-Huie

    Zachary lives and works in Boone, North Carolina. Bad or good, rock climbing’s his most entrenched habit. Frankly there’s nothing he’d rather be doing. Fortunately climbing helps him meet great new people, and spend wonderful quality time with his soon-to-be wife. Without climbing, and the wonderful and weird people of the climbing world, he might be a loathsome hermit. When Zachary’s not able to climb, he distracts himself with work, swimming holes, and climbing media of various sorts, including this blog site.

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