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    After drooling over smartphones ever since the iPhone arrived, 1buy generic cialis I finally took the plunge and got an Android last November, shortly after Verizon introduced their cheaper data plan. For only 15 bucks more a month, I’ve got a phone that makes all the cruxy parts of climbing road trips smooth as a V0 warm-up.

    How so? Well, on a recent trip to 3generic propecia viagra Chatty I used the navigator to lead me straight to the boulders from Knoxville. No more having to print out Google maps and missing turns. i got to the boulders stress-free. After climbing, we wanted to camp so I pulled up the name of viagra sales in 2007 a nearby State Park a friend told me about. Boom. There was the phone number. I called them to see if they were open. I then let the nav app take me there across back roads where I woulda lost my way in minutes. Once we decided about where to stay, we wanted to go to an italian place in downtown chatty we remembered from the viagra and liver last trip…only we couldn’t remember the name or where it was. A quick search for Italian places got us the name and location and we were off for the grub. In 2000, i took a 3 month long road trip before I even had a cell phone. We had a box in the car that had AAA camping guidebooks for all western states, viagra niaspan a fat copy of Rock n’ Road, and a bunch of maps. We got lost a lot. Was it part of the adventure? One can always claim that’s the case…but I just wanted to go climbing. One could also make the is viagra harmful argument that access to the internet while traveling cuts down on interactions with the locals: ie, “Where’s the best place to eat in this burg?” But just because you have access to the internet doesn’t mean you gotta use it. You can unplug and be social anytime, in my opinion.

    Oh, and in a final word on cut cialis 20mg my phone-dork argument: I even updated my climbing blog while on the road with pictures I took with the phone.

    Most of the time I don’t need all the fancy features on my phone. But when it’s road tripping time, i’m glad to pay the extra $15 a month to lose all those unnecessary stresses traveling can bring. Final note: the viagra ordering phone number phone i got, the HTC Incredible, is on sale for $1 now at Verizon with a  contract. Durn!

    Matt Paden

    Matt currently lives in Boone, NC, where he’s attending graduate school at Appalachian State. In a foolish gamble, he assumed he’d have more time to viagra fast delivery climb by going back to school instead of working a full time job. He sorely lost that bet. Still, he finds some time to climb and is slowly but surely bouncing back from a shoulder injury that buggered him in 2009. Matt has been climbing since 1995 and he is cialis online pharmacy carisoprodol one of the founders of Cruxn.com.

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  1. February 4, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    This one time (a few months back) I found myself in Rossville, GA with Erich and company. We headed down to Rock Town (before he knew how to get there) and we put all of our trust in my iPhone. Sadly, that little bastard dropped signal and we got totally lost. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there when it’s supposed to be about 25 minutes…I love phone tech gear but dang, we got crushed that day! Note to self: have some clue as to where you’re going before you hop in the car.

  2. February 5, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Yeah, At&T is a bummer… :)

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