• Splitter Video!

    I made a short little video for the American Alpine Club’s “Slice O Pie” video contest.  Check out my video above and if you like it please hook me up with a vote and “sharing” it with your friends!  Thanks a ton! VOTE:  Splitter on Facebook and “like” the screenshot.  If you reaaaally like it, please “share” the screenshot on facebook as well.  Much appreciated. Read More

  • HP40 Part II Video, and Trad in the Gunks

    Finally! It’s up! Please enjoy, like, share, etc. etc. etc. And Cruxn readers: feedback on the video is appreciated! Do you like the Kenny stuff? Could we have cut the climbing footage better? Let us know…. Also, we finally did it. The social media trifecta has been completed, and we now have a Twitter account. Follow us at @thervproject, or else… Looking down the list of posts, it’s been a while since we updated you on the whats and wheres of our trip. In the spirit of keeping an online, public diary, let’s lightning-round our way through the past two weeks. Read More

  • The People and the Bouldering of Horse Pens 40

    This post is much delayed. I’ve sat down four times now to try and capture in words what our time in Horse Pens was like. So far, my words have failed me. I’m taking a stab at it, and please forgive the length of this post. And please enjoy our newest video! It’s of our last day in Hueco Tanks, where we climbed a bunch for ourselves. I got my hardest send, and Vikki cruised Orifice Affair. Also note the kung-fu yeti firing Smooth Move (V8). Then keep reading. Looking back now, a week since our departure, Horse Pens 40 feels like a pleasant dinner with the Soprano family. Laughter, some great people, and good food, but just under the surface Read More

  • 5,000 Miles – Part 3: Priest Draw

    Read More

  • Video: Hound Ears 2011

    It’s Thursday and it already seems like old news –another Hound Ears event has come and gone. It’s was a sweet event because it marked the official start of fall in the High Country. Not only that, it’s always a great reunion of friends from all over. The weather overall was nice although it was a little on the cold side. Saturday morning it was sleeting and very windy so comp was postponed until Sunday, which turned out to be a beautiful day. If you were at the competition, you probably saw a couple boneheads with camera’s running around the woods like a bunch of wild hogs. We managed to get a ton of footage and successfully crammed it into Read More

  • Bouldering Tour Giveaway Entries and Videos To Get You Psyched!

    The Bouldering Tour Contest is moving way too slow for there to be so many boulderers in the Asheville/Brevard region to turn this opportunity down!!! The contest ends This Friday…so click on over to UpstateBouldering.blogspot.com and enter to win one of these incredible bouldering tours!!! I’m shocked that only 3 people have e-mailed me their entry for the chance to win a bouldering tour of spots that rival Rumbling Bald and Boone, but just don’t get the hype these other spots get. If you haven’t seen or heard of these boulders before then you’re not alone…but trust me when I say that the quality of routes and the atmosphere of being in Pisgah make for some pretty amazing boulder session! There Read More

  • Corner Rock

    Big, steep and concentrated: this boulder is like a little crag of problems. Perched above a creek in the majestic Pisgah Forest, this boulder is a true gem. Watch first-ascent footage of Hatchet V11, Bodysplash V9/8, and the route-like Natty Bumpo V9. Also, Dave Hume flashes the classic Magua V8. I hope you will enjoy this small guide and video of the steep bouldering on Corner Rock, just outside of Barnardsville, NC.  I have two motivations for sharing this.  First, I am hoping that some of the many nice and hard projects will get sent.  Second, I hope that more climbers will come here and help take care of this beautiful spot. The main user-group now seems to be careless Read More

  • Mike Stam conquers his Fear of Commitment

    If you know Mike Stam or have only met him once, you instantly gather that he’s an all-around nice guy. Mike is known throughout North Carolina for establishing beautiful, hair-raising boulder problems, many of them unrepeated. Mike and I discussed shooting this project over a year ago, but our timeframes never matched up until last month. I hope you enjoy this short piece. Mike is a true inspiration for climbers and non-climbers alike. If you ever get the chance to climb with him, make sure you do it. Read More

  • Alpine climbing in Pakistan.

    I recently got back from a great climbing trip in the amazing Karakorum Mountain Range of Pakistan. Partnered with Matt McCormick and Will Meinen we spent four and a half weeks in the mountains and two weeks traveling around. Visiting that country was an incredible adventure and hardly describable in a short blog post. A brief account of our adventures has been recorded on my blog, but expect a full write up at Mountain Hardwear.com via a three part mini-series with videos and photographs scheduled for release in September. Having barely unpacked and the fact that I am in WV a spitting distance from the awesome Nuttall sandstone of the New, my time has been limited for sifting through the Read More