• Rocktown Bouldering Guidebook: A Review

      WOW!!! That’s was my first impression of the new Rocktown Bouldering Guidebook as soon as I pulled the book out of the shipping envelope…and the WOW factor didn’t stop as I read through the book for this review! With eye popping, brilliantly colored, high resolution action photos jumping off of nearly every page, this guide doesn’t disappoint those that love some good eye candy! Atop Lookout Mountain in Northeast Georgia exists a labyrinth of sandstone boulders with practically every shape, size and variety of hold and route possible…Rocktown!  Rocktown is one of the Big 3 boulderfields in the Southeast, Little Rock City (or Stone Fort to those that haven’t been bouldering for a while) and Horse Pens 40 being Read More

  • Through The Alpenglow

    It’s 4 am Busterson woke me up to say he wanted to pee – I lay in bed listening to the regular breathing of my pregnant wife, who is(are) soundly sleeping, unlike the night before – I’m sore as hell, but Buster’s persistence gets me grudgingly to my feet  – out front he sniffs around and growls at the aspen leaves shaking in the morning wind – he looks over to let me know he had things in control -  I don’t get it - I’m still half asleep and dreaming for a moment I’m buffeted by the same cold Sierra wind of a day earlier I’m driving west up Tioga Pass with Claude – We start hiking with headlamps Read More

  • CA Climber Magazine – Exploring Way Lake

    Issue No. 1 of California Climber Magazine just hit the shelves A publication Dean Flemming put a big effort into showcasing areas of a more (CA) local feel  I’m psyched to see that it’s a quality production James Lucas and I collaborated for an article on the Way Lake bouldering area up in the Mammoth Lakes Basin - he put together interviews with developers of the area and I added photos I’ve taken since first climbing there in 2008 - it came together well, as did the rest of the magazine features (Chipmunk Flat – Sonoma Coast Bouldering – Woodfords Canyon) If you’re in California you might pick it up free at a local climbing gym (while they last) or you Read More

  • Lost Cove, Blowing Rock & Hawksbill

    April and May are great months for climbers all over the high country.  Whether you’re trying to tick off that last project or breaking out that old rusty rack, it’s time to get outside.  The weather is so exotic this time of year.  The neon shades of green race up the mountains from the piedmont of North Carolina.  The clouds hover overhead threatening to rain every afternoon;  it’s usually not a matter of if it will rain, but when.  It’s always a good idea to get an alpine start if possible.  Some days you’ll scamper across the mountaintops trying to beat the rain but end up soaked before you make your first clip.  Other days you’ll go out with your Read More

  • Springtime Bouldering

    I’ve been lucky to get out a bunch the last few weeks.  Here’s a few shots of some lesser known bouldering areas around Boone, NC.  Spring in Boone can get a bit muggy so it’s best to pick the spots that absolutely shred your skin.  Say goodbye to your tips! Last but not least I wanna wish a very happy birthday to my good friend, Mike Grimm.  He’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met!  He turned the big 50 today!  Age doesn’t seem to be an issue for him as he’s still cranking 5.12′s like a freakin’ mad man.  Here’s to you man.  Cheers! Mike on Line of Fire – 5.12c (Middle Hawksbill) Read More

  • Flatirons, Dinosaur Rock

    A good buddy visited Boulder from out of town, set on climbing for a week or so. With a new baby on the way, he was getting his climbing days in like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. Needless to say he barely took a day off, dragging partner after partner out into Boulder Canyon, Eldorado Canyon and the Flatirons. Dead set on crushing, it was all we could do just to keep him fed and beered. I caught him for the home stretch of his trip. We did two days up on the Flatiron’s Dinosaur Rock, with a rapid-strike mission to Boulder Canyon’s Country Club Crack in between. The Flatirons offer a different sort of feeling than Boulder’s two Read More

  • A Dumpy Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks and I’m thankful that I got to spend two days at the dump!  The Dump is an awesome little crag right outside of Boone, NC.  For a brief history on the Dump check out Erich’s very informative blog post here.  Anyway, I had a great time in Boone for Thanksgiving.  I was able to get out with some great friends and do what we love to do most, rock climb.  Hell my old man, Bobby d, even came out! Day 1:  It was a tad on the warmer side.  My project (Black Jackets) felt like pee.  I tried it several times and on the last attempt I got agonizingly close but came off Read More

  • This is Why the Red Should Get Loved to Death, But Isnt

    Justin cutting loose at the Bob Marley. I love climbing at the Red and this season is no exception. Wonderful conditions. Great friends. Amazing sends everywhere.  Matt prove’n he’s a Dirty Smelly Hippy. Great for covering up human waste under many of the climbs here at the Red. Just getting R A D and hanging draws on Chainsaw. Andi post crux on Gung Ho. Military Wall bound. Read More

  • Some Pics from Smith

      Read More